Sleeps Away

Eclectic Accommodation

Sleeps Away was born from the founders need of suitably luxurious accommodation for their business trips around the world. Unable to be in each location all the time resulted in the founders deciding to offer these fabulous spaces to fellow business and staycation travellers, like you!

Whether you need some where to sleep fast or you´re an Early Bird and you like to plan ahead. We have some lovely properties throughout the UK and Dubai that will make your “home from home” experience enjoyable, comfortable and inspiring.

Here at Sleeps Away we only offer newly built or renovated properties. This way we know your comfort is secure as our apartment is modern and easy to use. We provide serviced accommodation with high end finish and eclectic decoration. If you have found our website we know you prefer to take your sleeps away in style.

The Sleeps Away Team welcomes you and invites you to enjoy our top notch customer service and Guess What? Some of our apartments are pet friendly!